Three Axis Servo Driven Beam Robot.

Three Axis Servo Driven Beam Robot.


  • Precision and Versatility
  •    Automated Stacking and In-Mold Functionality
  •    Advanced Controller
  •   Automatic Malfunction Detection and Integration
  •   Model Denotations

I: Single stage

W: Telescopic

S: Product arm

D: Product arm + Runner arm

M3: AC servo motor-driven on three axes


Three Axis Servo Driven Beam Robot.

Elevate Manufacturing Excellence with the M3 Series Three-Axis Servo-Driven Beam Robot

In the dynamic manufacturing landscape, precision, adaptability, and efficiency are prerequisites. Introducing Warehouse International Private Limited‘s M3 Series Three-Axis Servo-Driven Beam Robot for sophisticated manufacturing. This advanced system ensures unparalleled precision and performance

Unlocking the Power of Beam Robot Manufacturing Precision:

The M3 Series embodies precision, driven by high-performance AC servo motors that guarantee unparalleled stability, enabling flawless positioning, and consistent exceptional results. Across diverse industries like plastics, electronics, and packaging, this robot consistently delivers outstanding performance.

Unmatched Versatility of Beam Robot Manufacturing :

Moreover, versatility is the hallmark of the M3 Series. It effortlessly manages multiple stopper positions and layout configurations, empowering manufacturers to tackle a wide spectrum of tasks with ease.

Whether it’s a single-stage or telescopic design, or a product arm with a runner arm, this robot adapts seamlessly to varying demands.

Automation Redefines:

The M3 Series goes beyond simple automation. It not only works but also thinks, offering automated stacking, in-mold labeling, and in-mold inserting and removing functions, streamlining manufacturing processes for peak efficiency.

Efficiency at Its Core:

Efficiency is a central focus; the M3 Series is optimized for swift item removal, reducing downtime and resulting in substantial cost savings. Furthermore, the robot is designed with energy-saving features that minimize operational costs and reduce environmental impact.

Advanced Multilingual Controller:

Additionally, the advanced controller, supporting both Chinese and English, offers more than just language diversity. It can record mold data for up to 1000 sets, with each set accommodating 400 detailed steps of orders, ensuring precision and data integrity.

The Heart of Automated Manufacturing:

The M3 Series is the heart of an automated manufacturing environment. It boasts automatic malfunction detection, alarms, and data recording, ensuring that it promptly identifies issues, raises alarms, and records relevant data for analysis. It can seamlessly integrate with peripherals such as conveyors and vertical transporters, creating a harmonized and efficient production environment.

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