High-Configuration Foam EVA Injection Molding Machine

High-Configuration Foam EVA Injection Molding Machine

  • Work Station: 6 stations
  • Clamping Force: 180 tons
  • Mold Plate Size: (290*550)*2 mm
  • Mould Height: 100-250 mm
  • Mould-Opening Stroke: 350 mm
  • Injection System:
    • Injector: 2
    • Diameter Of Screw: ф65 mm
    • Injection Cap(Max): 1000 cm³
    • Injection Pressure: 0-130 kg/cm²
    • Injection Speed: 10 cm/sec
    • Rotating Speed Of Screw: 0-190 r.p.m
    • Temperature Control Sections: 4
  • Electricity Consumption:
    • Heater Barrel: 9.3*2 kw
    • Injector Shifting Motor: 1.5 kw
    • Heating Plate: 76.8 kw
    • Hydraulic System: 51.9 kw
    • Vacuum Pump: 1.5 hp
    • Cooling Fan Of Barrel: 1.5 hp
    • Total Electricity: 151.8 kw
  • Oil Tank Size: 800 L
  • Machine Weight: 26000 kg
  • Machine Dimension: 790045003000 mm


High-Configuration Foam EVA Injection Molding Machine

High-Configuration Foam EVA Injection Molding Machine takes you to the future of foam EVA injection molding with precision engineering. This innovative machine is engineered to elevate your manufacturing capabilities to the next level.

Key Features:

  • High Clamping Force: This robust machine delivers a clamping force of 180 tons, ensuring precise and efficient foam EVA production that meets the highest quality standards.
  • Dual Injector System: Equipped with two injectors, this machine enhances productivity and offers unmatched versatility. It accommodates multiple products or batches, ensuring comprehensive coverage of your production needs.
  • Temperature Control: Our 4-section temperature control system optimizes molding conditions for each project, guaranteeing consistency and reliability in every foam EVA product you create.
  • Energy Efficiency: Despite its high performance, we’ve designed this machine with energy efficiency in mind, reducing operational expenses without compromising output quality.


This High-configuration machine features a 6-station layout and includes a mold plate size of (290*550)*2 mm. It offers a wide range of mold heights, from 100 to 250 mm, ensuring production versatility.

The injection system comprises a ф65 mm screw diameter with a maximum injection capacity of 1000 cm³. You can adjust the injection pressure from 0 to 130 kg/cm², and the injection speed reaches up to 10 cm/sec.

The screw’s rotating speed varies from 0 to 190 r.p.m. For efficient operation, the machine comes equipped with essential components, such as a vacuum pump and a cooling fan for the barrel.

Invest in the future of foam EVA injection molding. Our High-Configuration Foam EVA Injection Molding Machine offers elevated production standards and unmatched quality. Take the next step in foam EVA manufacturing with this advanced, precision-engineered solution.

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