Five Axis High Speed Robot

Five Axis High Speed Robot


  • Power Source: AC220v±10v, 50/60HZ
  • Working Pressure: 5kgf/cm² (0.49Mpa)
  • Max. Allowed Pressure: 8kgf/cm² (0.8Mpa)
  • Driven System: AC servo motor on five axes
  • Swivel: 90° Fixed
  • Control System: Pneumatic (SGKB-Y300)


Five Axis High Speed Robot:

Unleash the potential of your manufacturing process with the Five-Axis High-Speed Robot by Warehouse International Private Limited. Precision, adaptability, and efficiency are the hallmarks of this advanced robotic system. Driven by AC servo motors on all five axes, it offers the highest level of precision, ensuring stability and precise positioning in your manufacturing tasks. Whether you’re in plastics, electronics, or packaging, this robot consistently delivers exceptional results.

Its versatility shines through its ability to manage multiple stopper and layout positions, making it adaptable to a wide range of manufacturing tasks and layouts. The robot streamlines your operations with its automatic stacking function, reducing manual labor and improving efficiency. In-mold labeling, inserting, and removing functions seamlessly integrate into your production process, enhancing speed and accuracy.

Efficiency is at the core of this robot’s design, with rapid item removal that reduces downtime and drives productivity. Designed with energy-saving features, it not only optimizes your operations but also contributes to a greener, more sustainable future.

The advanced controller offers multilingual support, allowing you to switch between Chinese and English effortlessly. It also boasts extensive data recording capabilities, with the capacity to record mold data for up to 1000 sets, each accommodating 400 steps of orders. The robot comes with a range of built-in programs, simplifying the process of molding changes.

Automatic malfunction detection, alarm triggering, and data recording make troubleshooting a breeze, ensuring your manufacturing process runs smoothly. The reservation interface can connect with peripherals like conveyors and vertical transporters, creating a well-coordinated and efficient production environment.

With model options including single stage, telescopic, product arm, product arm with a runner arm, and AC servo motor-driven on five axes, the Five-Axis High-Speed Robot from Warehouse International Private Limited is set to redefine manufacturing excellence. Explore the possibilities and elevate your production capabilities today.

Five Axis High Speed Robot Controller Features:

  1. Multilingual Support: Seamlessly switch between Chinese and English for ease of use and international compatibility.
  2. Extensive Data Recording: Record mold data for up to 1000 sets, with each set accommodating up to 400 steps of orders for precise control.
  3. Built-In Programs: Large capacity built-in programs make molding changes a breeze, ensuring smooth operation.
  4. Automatic Malfunction Detection: The robot autonomously identifies malfunctions, sets off alarms, and records data for efficient troubleshooting.
  5. Peripheral Integration: The reservation interface connects with peripherals such as conveyors and vertical transporters, creating a well-coordinated production environment.

 Model Denotation:

  • I: Single stage
  • W: Telescopic
  • S: Product arm
  • D: Product arm + Runner arm
  • M5: AC servo motor driven on five axes

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