Energy Storage AC Performance Test System

Energy Storage AC Performance Test System


Warehouse International Pvt. Ltd., we are dedicated to advancing the energy storage industry with our innovative solutions. Our Energy Storage AC Performance Test System stands at the forefront of testing technology, designed to rigorously evaluate the efficiency, reliability, and performance of AC energy storage systems.

Energy storage air conditioning performance test system is divided into air cooling and water cooling. The main testing content is: cooling / heating performance testing, including current, voltage, power, pressure, inlet and outlet air temperature, water flow, electrical parameters, inlet and outlet water pressure difference, inlet and outlet water temperature difference, system pressure, calculation COP, automatic spray system and automatic blowing and drying system, as well as aging system. Through the touch screen display of the test station, the manufacturer can fully see the real-time test data and the comparison between the parameter variation curve and the standard data, and the result of the audible and visual alarm prompt, the data is automatically uploaded to the upper computer for saving and printing.

Elevate your energy storage solutions with the precision and reliability of our AC Performance Test System and join us in shaping a sustainable and energy-efficient future.


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