CNC AC Servo Driven Robot

CNC AC Servo Driven Robot


  • Precision Driven: Equipped with high-performance AC servo motors for exceptional precision.
  • Versatile Configuration: Telescopic design and product arm for adaptability.
  • Streamlined Automation: Efficiency with automated processes like stacking and in-mold functions.
  • Core Efficiency: Swift item removal and energy-saving features.
  • Multilingual Controller: Supports Chinese and English, records mold data for 1000 sets.
  • Built-In Program Flexibility: Large capacity for easy molding changes and customization.
  • Automatic Malfunction Detection: Equipped with automatic malfunction detection and data recording.
  • Peripheral Integration: Connects with conveyors and vertical transporters for an efficient production environment.


In the ever-evolving realm of manufacturing, precision and efficiency stand as paramount. Here,Firstly  we introduce the CNC AC Servo Driven Robot by Warehouse International Private Limited, a pioneering solution meticulously engineered to enhance your production capabilities. With unparalleled precision, unwavering efficiency, and adaptability, this robotic system is poised to reshape the future of manufacturing.

Unleashing CNC Ac Servo Driven Robot Precision:

At the heart of this advanced robotic system lies its remarkable precision. Driven by robust AC servo motors, the  Robot ensures an extraordinary level of precision, stability, and efficient positioning. This hallmark of performance is a game-changer, whether your focus is on plastics, electronics, or packaging. Consistency and quality are the promises it delivers unfailingly.

Adaptability in Configuration:

Versatility is the essence of this robot. With a telescopic design and a product arm, it seamlessly adapts to a wide array of manufacturing tasks. Whether you’re navigating a single-stage setup or a complex product arm configuration, it fits the bill, providing a tailored solution for your unique requirements.

Efficiency Redefined:

Automation takes center stage in its design, streamlining operations from inception to completion. Whether it’s automated stacking, in-mold functions, or other critical processes, this robot optimizes your production, reducing manual labor and ensuring precision at every step.

Efficiency isn’t solely about speed; it also encompasses sustainability. The CNC AC Servo Driven Robot is meticulously designed to swiftly remove items, curbing downtime and heightening productivity. Additionally, its energy-conserving features minimize operational costs and foster a more eco-conscious manufacturing process.

Controller Excellence:

The robot’s advanced controller supports both Chinese and English languages, ensuring ease of use and international compatibility. Its impressive capacity for recording mold data allows for up to 1000 sets, with each set accommodating 400 detailed steps of orders, ensuring precision and data integrity.

The extensive capacity for built-in programs simplifies the often intricate task of molding changes, facilitating adaptation to new manufacturing requirements. The robot is equipped with automatic malfunction detection, alarms, and data recording, guaranteeing seamless troubleshooting. Furthermore, its reservation interface can seamlessly connect with peripherals such as conveyors and vertical transporters, creating a harmonized and efficient production environment.

Model Variations:

The CNC AC Servo Driven Robot is available in different model variations, including:

  • Telescopic (W): Providing adaptability for various manufacturing setups.
  • Product Arm (S): Tailored to meet your specific production needs.
  • M3 AC Servo Motor (M3): Driven by AC servo motors on three axes, ensuring precision and stability.

The CNC AC Servo Driven Robot, proudly offered by Warehouse International Private Limited, is poised to redefine excellence in manufacturing. It’s a solution that promises precision, efficiency, and adaptability in an ever-evolving industry landscape. Elevate your production capabilities with this cutting-edge robot today.

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